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Worldview Categories for PEERS Testing Purposes

By: Dan Smithwick

Worldview Categories for PEERS Testing Purposes Exhibit A

Biblical Theism (70-100) - A firm understanding of issues as interpreted from scripture. The individual is allowing the scriptures to guide his reasoning regarding ethical, moral and legal issues to determine correct or incorrect thinking. Truth is seen as absolute for all ages for all time.

Key distinctives:
God is sovereign over all areas of life; civil government should be highly limited in purpose and authority, and under the supervision of scripture. All people will live in eternity in heaven or hell as judged by scripture.

Moderate Christian (30-69) - Basically, ‘one foot in the Kingdom and one foot in the world.’ A blended view of God as creator and ruler, but man as self-determiner of the world. This position generally sees God as supreme in matters of religion but not concerned with matters related to governments, economics and to some degree, education.

Key distinctives: God is concerned with the soul and eternal life; man must control temporal issues.

Secular Humanism (0-29) - Man is supreme. By chance, the human race has evolved to the highest form of life, but has responsibility to see that lower forms of life are not abused by man. The masses are more important than the individual.

Key distinctives: There is no “biblical” God; man is the predestinator and savior of human race; eternal life exists only in the sense of how each person is remembered for the good or bad he has done. Ethics are relative to each generation.

Socialism (< 0) - Mankind cannot prosper as individuals acting alone. A ruling authority is necessary to ensure that all facets of life are conducted fairly and in harmony. This authority must be the state (civil authorities) with the elite of society serving as its leaders.

Key distinctives: Individualism is not good; a civil body-politic is necessary with control of assets and redistribution of wealth as seen fit by leaders for the good of all.



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