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AMERICA: Watching it Burn

By: Don Rogers, OR

While working on replacing some decayed deck boards in our back deck this morning, I got to thinking about the sorry state of our nation. I needed to take a break anyhow as its hot today, in the 90’s, so I came in and wrote down my thoughts. Hope you are having success with your various efforts.

It was a hot summer day in 1937, a routine day on a poor dry land farm in Northwestern South Dakota. At 10 years old my younger brother and I were getting ready to walk to the local post office and store 3 miles away. We were eagerly awaiting the arrival of a package from Sears and Roebuck. The package was to contain a baseball mitt, a baseball and a bat. Mother was an avid baseball fan and listened to the games on the radio which is how my brother and I became excited about the game.

Mother was going about her usual chores as we trudged off to the post office to check on our order. It was bread baking day and unlike today’s modern kitchen, she baked on a wood fired “cook stove”. This appliance was roughly the size of a small SUV and in order to bake bread, she had to build a hot fire. This massive piece of cast iron took some time to get up to the temperature required to bake. While the stove was heating up, she went into the root cellar nearby where we kept garden vegetables like potatoes and carrots over the winter. Potatoes seem to know when summer comes as they begin to grow sprouts in preparation for new growth according to God’s plan for them. In order to keep them edible until the next crop is ready, the sprouts must be removed from each tuber. So Mother was in the cellar sprouting potatoes, meanwhile the stove had over heated and unbeknownst to her, caught the house on fire.

There were no public fire protection services in rural South Dakota in 1937 and in any event, we were located 15 miles from the nearest small town. As the fire raged, Mother in her hysteria dashed into the burning house and grabbed the flatirons from the back of the stove. A useless act of course but at least she did something. The heat was intense and we were forced to stand by helplessly and watch our house burn to the ground.

We in America are experiencing much the same catastrophe as I write this. On the nightly news we see hordes of illegal immigrants pouring across our borders. These people have essentially been encouraged to come into our country by the ineptitude or the deliberate subversive plan of this administration. We are witnessing the scandals mount one upon the other in the Obama administration, Benghazi, the IRS, the VA, and now the immigration invasion to name a few. We are witnessing serial lawlessness throughout the government here in America, the country where only a few days ago we celebrated the 238th anniversary of our separation from the tyranny of King George.

As in my sad personal story, America is in the process of burning to the ground. Unlike my story however we in America have the ability to prevent this destruction from within. Why then, do we not take action? We have the resources which our Constitution has provided. We have allowed ourselves to become occupied and obsessed with a fatted life of ease here in America. We are living the good life and we can’t be bothered by these pesky political disruptions. Don’t bother us; we are watching the soccer match. And in addition, the main stream media treats all of this with a ho hum attitude, watching all of it through a distorted lens which sees evil as good and good as evil.

America was founded as a God fearing nation. Our government founding documents are filled with appeals to the God of Heaven to guide their steps as the Founders struggled to create a governing plan that would survive the ages. These men presumed the nation would continue to be a worshipping people, honoring a sovereign God. During these past 238 years we have become complacent, forgetting the God of scripture and substituting our own god of Humanism, self.

Early on in the formation of our once great country, anti-Godly forces were purposely at work to implement an education system which would substitute a family guided process of learning which was closely guided by involved parents. And in its place, establish a man centered education system governed by the state. That process was successful in transforming virtually all of the great colleges such as Princeton, Yale and Harvard from their founding roots in Christianity to the secular sterile institutions we see today. These once great schools are now empty hulks churning out intellectuals who are without an appreciation for or an understanding of the peril the Nation faces as a result of this all-consuming anti-Christian worldview.

Those of us in this nation who remember our roots and are capable of rational thought are livid as we watch our beloved country, the beacon of freedom in the world, reduced to the status of a third world country. There is palpable frustration at the inaction on the part of our Congress. A meaningless lawsuit is being substituted for the constitutional remedy for such malfeasance, Impeachment.
But alas, Impeachment is both a legal remedy and a political remedy. In short, a substantial percent of the population and almost all of the national media see no problem with such lawlessness. In view of this reality, while impeachment is the real and constitutionally provided remedy, our population lacks the political will to take such action. We are thus paralyzed and impotent.

As we continue to educate our children in the public school system which fails to teach and/or distorts our long rich history of independence, and indoctrinates them to believe that there is no God and that they can safely reject God, we reap as we sow. The lawmakers in charge of our government entities, local, state and federal are all products of this Godless system which we have allowed to dominate the culture. We know that wise men of past warned us of the perils that we now are experiencing. President Lincoln said “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next”. President John Adams famously said that the "US constitution is suitable only for the governance of an upright and moral people; it is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other". Humanistic hubris has replaced Christian morality with predictable results.

Have we reached the point where we can no longer recognize the danger we face as a nation? That seems to be undeniably the case.

So the question is what kind and magnitude of calamity will be required to get the attention of this fat, dumb and happy nation?

Wake up America, God is on His Throne - - - - - ,


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