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........ Psalm 50:12

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We are a unique Christian ministry providing a one-of-a-kind Christian worldview testing and training program to families, schools, churches, businesses and political groups.   What is a Biblical Worldview school?

Our program is known as PEERS Testing (described in the "PEERS Testing" section). Its purpose is to aid Christians in developing a distinctly biblical worldview.

Our expertise is in providing a statistically valid testing instrument for measuring an individual's views of life in areas of great importance to both personal and social life. The test was designed with input from several Christian scholars. Testing norms have been developed from results of over 60,000 participants during a 23-year period from 1987 through 2010. The primary focus of our work is with high school and college age students.

In-Service Program for Schools: click here

NOTE!! Special PEERS results study tells the real story about education-
The study booklet is entitled, "Teachers, Curriculum, Control: A World of Difference in Public and Christian Schools," (TCC). The study explains in objective and scientific means just how important worldview training is to educators. TCC shows how ALL education programs operate from some worldview philosophy and demonstrates how public school youth, even from Christian homes, are adopting secular and Socialist views of life to a very high degree. You will see, question by question, the dramatic difference in thinking between students in public schools and those in Christian schools on major moral and social issues. TCC also shows which Christian education programs are producing excellent results in biblical worldview understanding among students. School administrators and parents will be particularly interested in this section. TCC gives information that every Christian parent and Evangelical pastor should read. The clear findings revealed in TCC will challenge honest Christians to re-think the issue of government-run education. You can obtain a copy of TCC in the "Training Materials" section of our online store. Please consider getting a second copy to give to your pastor. Volume discounts available.

WHAT OTHER'S SAY-- We also ask that you read what others say about our work. You will find these comments in the "Endorsements" section.


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Nehemiah PEERS Testing Center
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You may call our office for general information 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Request a free "Info Packet" from the receptionist and it will be shipped by the next business day. During normal business hours (EST), ask for a PEERS Coordinator if you have specific questions not answered in the Info Packet. Thank you.
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