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........ Psalm 50:12

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Greetings in the Name of our Lord and thank you for visiting our web site.
- Dan Smithwick

The mission of the Nehemiah Institute is to unleash a massive spiritual awakening within the Christian community, by helping Christian organizations and the individuals and families they serve, establish quantifiable standards for worldview education and a personal plan for each individual to achieve and maintain a Christian worldview.

We are a unique Christian ministry providing a one-of-a-kind Christian worldview testing and training program to families, schools, churches, businesses and political groups.
What is a Biblical Worldview school?

Our program is known as PEERS Testing (described in the "PEERS" section). Its purpose is to aid Christians in developing a distinctly biblical worldview. For a detailed report on how the online testing program works, click here.

In-Service Program for Schools: click here.

Our expertise is in providing a statistically valid testing instrument for measuring an individual's view of life in areas of great importance to both personal and social life. The test was designed with input from several Christian scholars. Testing norms have been developed from results of over 110,000 participants during a 28-year period from 1987 through 2015. The primary focus of our work is with high school and college age students.

Benefits: click here.

Why Believe 'Nehemiah?'
Occasionally people will ask, Why should we believe the positions offered by Nehemiah Institute on the PEERS test questions? This is a valid question. While considerable work has been done to ensure biblical accuracy on the test (click here for full report) we fully recognize that it is impossible to create the perfect 'worldview test' by imperfect people. We only ask that where you disagree, it is done from sound biblical reasoning, including review of our Position Papers on test items.

In addition to our worldview testing program, we offer several items for teaching on 'biblical worldview' understanding. You can see a list of these by clicking here.
Also, there are other ministries providing quality worldview materials. One of the best is Summit Ministries, CO.

I would very much appreciate your consideration of making a donation to help with this work. Our services are used primarily by Christian schools, where budgets are normally very tight. Personal donations substantially help us to keep our worldview testing and training program affordable to these schools.
You can now easily make donations at our online store (click here). The first step will be to set up an account (this only needs to be done one time). There are six pre-set amounts for a donation, but you can choose any combination of the six to match the donation you would like to make. Thank you. - Dan Smithwick, President.

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